Disrupting scientific experimentation with droplet-based biotechnology and superior surfactants.

About Surfacto

A Spin-off from Max Planck Innovation

Bio-inspired experimentation is long overdue for innovation to address sustainability challenges, adapt to rapidly evolving automation trends, and stay competitive in a dynamic and evolving biotech market. 

At SURFACtoBioTech we leverage peak-performance surfactants and droplet-based technologies with tailor-made experiments to disrupt the biotech industry and deliver experimenters what they want: efficiency, sustainability, and powerful data. 

Discover our Surfactant-Tech 

Our surfactants are chemically engineered for peak performance in droplet-based microfluidics applications, at a fraction of operational complexity and costs compared to competitors.

Imagine the Gadget and Platform Possibilities 

We envision cutting-edge automation platforms and analytical tools designed to maximize value extraction from microfluidics droplets. 

Our strategy involves the development of versatile devices engineered for optimal performance across diverse environments, particularly beyond the traditional laboratory setting. 

Customizable Innovations and Open Knowledge

Our differentiating surfactant synthesis services offer customers the opportunity to acquire never-before realized solutions that solve their biggest droplet problems.

We have extensive droplet expertise and are dedicated to providing comprehensive training for our customers, enabling them to focus on achieving groundbreaking outcomes.

Coming soon: open-source blog and database to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on an application that will include a step-by-step protocol library and incorporates user feedback for continuous improvement.

Try our Tech 

Help us validate our surfactant library. We are currently seeking shadow testers to put our surfactants to the test in droplet-based microfluidics labs everywhere.