Why Surfactants?
Surfactants make droplets stable.

Stable droplets produce experiments with massive amounts of high-quality data and minimal waste. Learn more about surfactants below and imagine transforming your experiments.

Let’s Break Up the Bulk 

Water and oil are fluids that do not mix.  

When water and oil-based fluids are combined under shear forces induced with simple shaking, in a blender, or by using precision droplet-based microfluidics devices, droplet emulsions are formed. Without inclusion of a key ingredient, the produced droplets are unstable and separate into the original bulk solutions over time. 

The magical key ingredient is called a surfactant.  

Optimal surfactants produce functional droplets 

When surfactants are brought into the mix to create a droplet emulsion, the molecules assemble at the interface between the water droplets and oil layer, creating a molecular shell-like film around the droplet to prevent it from fusing with neighboring drops.  

When droplets are produced using microfluidics devices, they are all the same size–a very handy feature for biotechnology experiments as now each droplet can be considered an individual “micro test-tube”. 

At SURFACtoBioTech, our solutions center around surfactants.  

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