We don’t breed monsters here – sorry to disappoint 

We are building our startup with a focus on integrity, attentiveness, openness, respect, sustainability, and kindness.  

We bring the most innovative droplet-based biotechnologies to the hands of researchers everywhere, all with a passion for creating a sustainable research future for humanity, scary cute monsters aside.  

This is what
we do 

We supply you with superior surfactants to BREAK UP THE BULK. 

Breaking up bulk biotech experiments into surfactant-stabilized droplet compartments enhances: 

  • Experiment optimization 
  • Statistical power 
  • Resource efficiency 

This is how we do it

Step 1 Synthesis 

Build the surfactants using chemistry. 

Step 2 Quality Assurance 

Measure all the surfactant specifications using analytical instrumentation to ensure that you get the product that you need.

Step 3 Cool Experiments 

We offer:

  • off-the-shelf solutions for tailor-made droplet biotech applications,
  • custom surfactant formulations for unique experiments and
  • synthesis services for those experiments that are pushing the limits for innovation.

Selfassembled by 
science and business enthusiasts

Discover a team driven by a culture for propelling science, especially in the form of droplets, from lab to life. Our leadership team is fueled by diversity of background and domain expertise. 

Martin Schröter (He/Him/His), CEO 

As CEO and co-founder of SURFACtoBioTech, my mission is clear: to leverage my expertise in droplet-based microfluidics in support of other researchers to make microfluidics more accessible across diverse research fields. Our goal is to empower scientists, enhance research capabilities, and contribute to a more resource-conscious approach to research. 

I’m excited to connect and collaborate with the brilliant minds of this scientific field. Let’s work together to make a lasting impact in the world of biotechnology and research. Feel free to reach out, and let’s explore the possibilities! 

Jacqueline De Lora (She/Her/Hers), CTO 

My research has always involved droplets and I am obsessed with the versatility that using droplets brings to experiments. As CTO and co-founder, I build new experiments and instruments to unlock the power of droplet biotech for those just starting out as well as for seasoned researchers.  

I’m committed to innovating sustainable droplet technologies for the future. I believe that the world of synthetic biology holds incredible promise, and I’m working hard to be at the forefront of that change by innovating surfactants, droplet biotech, and instrumentation. 

Above all, I envision making droplets accessible to researchers all around the world by breaking down barriers and providing everyone with tools and knowledge to drive groundbreaking discoveries. 

Theresa Schlosser (She/Her/Hers), COO 

My ambition as COO is to build an economically strong company in which the spirit of research remains a core element of our corporate strategy. Because innovation and development are the elixir for shaping the future.  

Having moved between the worlds of science and business, I am using synergistic thinking to positively enhance the potential of both. Meanwhile, we want to empower scientists and new users to innovate and establish novel and more efficient techniques such as droplet-based microfluidics.  

If you are interested in learning more about our solutions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to learning more about you, the challenges you face, and the visions you have.   

Marbell, Chief Wonder Officer (CWO) 

Marbell’s super power in the startup comes from her ability to sense the world without having to rely on sight. Being blind from birth, Marbell has been honing her senses for her entire life. She approaches adventure with a daredevil spirit, is super sensitive to her humans, and always knows when to demand a lap-cuddle. Marbell inspires a sense of wonder to those around her, making her the perfect office companion for long brain-storming sessions (and maybe sometimes some late-night crunch sessions). 

Torridon, Chief Agility Officer (CAO) 

Run? Jump? Frolic? Torridon’s high energy makes him perfectly suited for his position as CAO. When he knows that a team member is banging their head against a desk with writers block, he comes to the rescue. Torridon excels at getting out into nature for those much needed resets and walk-and-talks. He also loves playing fetch and getting belly rubs. 

Drop us a line ;) 

We would love to help you optimize your interfaces and bring the power of surfactant-stabilized droplets to your bench.