Experiment tailor-made surfactant formulations for innovative biotech applications

Try it out.  

We are looking for shadow testers to try our off-the shelf solutions for unique droplet biotech applications. We are offering our customers the unique opportunity to get in the mix and try out our innovative surfactant solutions before our official product line launch later this year. This will allow us to fine-tune our off-the-shelf solutions, offer support for fellow droplet-enthusiasts, and bring the most valuable and needed surfactants to your experiments. 

Synthetic cell construction

Build the bilayer! 

Building a cell from the bottom up is one of the most fascinating ideas in synthetic biology. We have the surfactant formulations and droplet biotech that you need to easily add this boundary-breaking technology to your experimental repertoire. 

Cell encapsulation

Cells in environdrops!

Every cell biologist knows that providing the correct microenvironment makes cell experiments succeed. Stable droplets compartmentalizing single or multiple cells holds great promise for engineering cell environments with monumental implications in the life sciences. First things first–the biochemical conditions needed to support cells in drops notoriously interferes with droplet stability. We have the surfactant formulations and cell encapsulation technologies that you need to easily put your cells into droplets.  

Digital molecular biology

Drop microreactors for biomolecular chemistry!

Droplet digital PCR is already redefining clinical diagnostics and life science research. We ask, why drop-out there? Biomolecular experiments beyond just PCR are perfectly suited for breaking up into droplet based approaches. We have the surfactant formulations and droplet biotech that you need to easily partition nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and proteins into cross-cutting experimental platforms with powerful yet easy to use digital readouts. 

Need Help?  

We are implementing surfactant synthesis services and consulting to help you launch new droplet biotech experiments with a sustainability focus in your labs. Regardless of if you are coming to us from Academia, Clinical and Diagnostic Centers, BioTech, or Pharma, we offer first-time synthesis of not-yet-commercially available surfactants for any application.  

Surfactant Synthesis Services

Have a cool idea for a surfactant but don’t know how to turn it into a real molecule? We offer our customers a range of services and cooperation models to supply surfactants for their experimental needs. Reach out to us directly and we will get the droplet rolling with an initial collaboration discussion.  


Problems experienced by people working with droplet biotech more often than not originate at the interface and is caused by suboptimal surfactant chemistries. Our consulting services are being implemented to help customers optimize the use of surfactant-stabilized droplets for their unique field of interest. Reach out to us directly for an initial discussion to determine the best solution for your situation, including on-site visits and remote support.  

Drop us a Line!

Interested in shadow testing? Want to know how long it will take for surfactant synthesis? Have a droplet question? Reach out and let’s work together!